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D-Day Bagged Set

Invasion of Normandy
On June 6, 1944 the Allied Forces (Britain, America, Canada, and France) launched the largest amphibious  invasion in history against German forces on the coast of Normandy, France. With a massive force of over 150,000 soldiers, the Allies attacked and gained a victory that became the turning point for World War II in Europe. This famous battle is referred to as either D-Day, Operation Overlord or the Invasion of Normandy.
The #40024 is a 34 piece set includes 14 American soldiers, 8 British soldiers, 10 German Soldiers and 2 mortars. Included within the set of soldiers are four historical figures: Sgt. Harrison Summers, Lord Lovat, Erwin Rommel and Brig. Gen Theodore Roosevelt Jr. All figures are 54mm.

BMC Toys D-Day Bagged Set
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