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Bunker / AA Gun

German Gun Emplacement
During World War II, the Germans built a nearly 2,000 mile long fortification chain along Europe's northern shore called, "The Atlantic Wall." This engineering marvel was comprised of a three-tier system that included fortresses, gun emplacements, bunkers, blockhouses, tank traps, barbed wire, Belgian gates, land mines and many other obstacles to (hopefully) prevent the Allied Forces from penetrating into occupied Europe. The system ultimately failed when the Allies punched their way through an 80 mile stretch of the French coastline in a single day on June 6th, 1944 – otherwise known as D-Day. 
Known simply as a bunker to most collectors, the #49997 gun emplacement features a 37mm anti-aircraft gun mounted on top and four horizontal embrasures (or loopholes).
It's molded in gloss grey plastic and  measures 7½" W x 3" D x 3¼" H (w/o AA gun). They are sold individually or as part of the D-Day Utah Beach Playset. 

BMC Toys Bunk Gun Emplacement